Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day call, 2012

Elder Jolley is officially an adult now (age wise). He apologized to us for the things he did as a "dumb teenager." On the day he turned 21, it was a P-Day. He went to the Newport Beach Temple and the Oakley Factory outlet, where he bought some swell sunglasses for his birthday gift. He was in a 3-some, after Elder Owens was sent home due to illness. Elder Jolley's companions got cookie packages from us, in time for the birthday, but Elder Jolley's BIG birthday package was late. Bummer! March 2, his grandfather died. The mission office passed the phone message on to Elder Jolley. He knows his grandfather is in a better place, and watching over him now. It was great to talk to Elder Jolley on Mother's Day! He's been a district leader since January, in Foothill Ranch CA. His companion since February 21 is Elder Tetuanui, a native French speaker, from Tahiti. Elder Tetuanui is 6'5" and wears a size 13 shoe! His English is excellent for the 9 months he's been speaking it. They get along really well. The ward they're working in hadn't had a baptism for 2 years, until Elizabeth B. was baptized in April. She had been married to a member for 6 months. When she married, she said she would never join the church, but 6 months later, she accepted the challenge and joined the church. Elder Jolley gave a talk on Faith at the baptism. He seemed happy, healthy and even MORE handsome. He recommended Taylor read the B of M and study the "why's" of the gospel to prepare for his mission. He challenged his sisters' (and absent older brother) to become temple worthy. He said that was the biggest wish of his heart. He encouraged Spencer to complete the paperwork for his Eagle. Mission rules state that missionaries need to jog for at least half an hour a day. Jarett HATED jogging before his mission, but he's doing it now - 6 miles a day! The ward Mission Leader, Brian Andre', had the Elders at his home on Mother's Day, for the phone call. He said "Elder Jolley is the most obedient, hard-working, faithful, pleasant missionary" he's known. Transfer's happened the Tuesday after Mother's Day. We got a letter from the mission pres, letting us know Elder Jolley is now a Zone Leader.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

January 31, 2012 - Foothill Ranch

This week has been way crazy! We have one Elder in our district who has MS. He had a bad attack of MS, so we had to take him to the hospital. We stayed at the hospital till midnight, then, came home. (see photo of clock)

So, we're in a tri-comp until Elder Owens gets out of the hospital. We've been running 2 areas, and traveling back and forth from the hospital daily. It was crazy! We put 100 miles on the car in 2 days!

Elder Owens is one of the happiest guys I've met. He's always laughing and having a good time! I don't know how he does it. He has special talents from Heavenly Father, that's for sure!

January 24th, 2012 - Foothill Ranch

This week has been great! The area I'm in hasn't had a baptism for a couple of years! Last Sunday night we decided to contact at least 160 people. So far, we are over or goal, with 170!
There's been so many miracles happening! It's great! Yesterday it was raining. We parked our car to go see some less actives. On the way, we stopped and talked to two girls. We just talked and the conversation turned to the gospel. It was really cool! We ended up giving them a Book of Mormon and set up a time for a lesson. So Sweet! As soon as we set up the appt, it started to rain again. ummmmmm...ha ha It was super cool!

January 17, 2012 DISTRICT LEADER

It's good being district leader. It's alot harder than I thought too. So far, I've interviewed 4 people to be baptized! Yea! It's crazy! I get so nervous each time! I can't believe the Lord is trusting me to do this job, especially this big of a responsibility!

Each week I have to give a training for district meeting. I have to go on 5 exchanges for the transfer, and help out the district as much as I can. It's alot of work.

My comp is Elder Hemmelgarn from Iowa. He's only been out 4.5 months and loves to work! He loves sports and is way good at basketball. We get along god and have fun times together.

You won't believe who one of the zone leaders is. It's Elder Neal, my MTC comp. ha ha He's a way cool guy!

January 10, 2012, TRANSFER!

Guess what? I'm being transferred! I'm going to Foothill Ranch. The Oakely Factory is there and Saddleback Church is also there. It's got a big anti-Mormon program. So, it will be interesting to be there. Another cool thing is that I'm going to be district leader too! I'm way nervous! I don't know what to do at all! Hopefully, it all works out though. We think sister missionaries are being transferred in, because we're both being transferred out. This area is on fire right now. There's so many people to teach and to do work! It's crazy!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weather report

Jarett said it was 80 degrees in San Clemente on Christmas Day. In previous letters, he said he was freezing, so we sent him some long underwear. "Yeah" he said, "I'll use it," "It gets in the 60's at night!" He said the breeze off the ocean is "bone chilling" even if it is 60 degrees.

Christmas Day, 2011

Jarett called on Christmas Day! It was the highlight of Christmas! He was at the home of the ward clerk, where he and his companion were invited to dinner. They set him up with a computer so we could SKYPE. He was in a little girl's bedroom, just off from the kitchen where everyone else was, with the door open. We could see pink walls with butterflies behind him. No matter, Jarett had our full attention.

He looked and sounded GREAT! He said he's gained some weight. He has learned to appreciate sushi. He lives by the beach and walks by it daily. On Dec. 26th he was moving to another apt. in the same complex. Their current apt. has a moisture problem.

They've set another baptism date for January 7th. The woman who will be baptised is a friend of the last person they taught and baptised.

Bea, a widow they were visiting who's husband was a member, died suddenly. Her funeral is this Saturday. She was a master gardener. They will go to her funeral.

Elder Hart, his companion, did a cameo appearance to tell us "Elder Jolley's a great guy. You did a good job raising him." Thanks Elder Hart! Elder Hart is from Ogden, UT.

Jarett was surprised when Taylor and Barney Brockbank came over during the call. It was great to have them there to talk to him. Taylor and Jarett are "brothers from different mothers." Barney is like another Dad to Jarett. They added a lot of fun to the call. Taylor is about to put in his mission papers, so they will be away from each other for 3 years.

We're looking forward to another call on Mother's Day!